For various size business

From ambitious start-up to international corporations – we will help you find most suitable solution.

For various positions

Solutions for companies shareholders, managers, financial, logistics or marketing professionals.

For various business sectors

Platforms and solutions, that are suitable for various business sectors.

For various complexity

From simplifying day-to day functions to automation of complex processes.

With NetSuite, we have ensured enterprise group management and process integration on a unified platform. The company can create consolidated accounts, has the ability to keep the accounting of subsidiaries and parent companies in one program, work and manage large amounts of data. It is convenient because one system includes financial management, CRM, debt management and other functions.

- Žana Kel, Integre Trans

Head of the company group

We chose Oracle Eloqua for our business, as we do not want to manage big teams of marketing and sales, and so we chose to automate these processes. Now the marketing campaigns are created and managed by few employees, and for rest of the questions we are cooperating with SPPA. Since we started using Eloqua we have seen an increase of performance and sales.

- Denis Kretov, Dr Verslas


The SPPA team assisted us on streamlining Performance and Appraisal process. In TALEO system, we are able to smoothly follow the progress and goals, we can also analyze information in various segments on a company-wide scale and this helps to quickly react to the situation and make needed decisions.

- Renata Gailiūnienė, FL Technics

Head of Personnel Department

In cooperation with SPPA, we have automated all the processes carried out in our company. After implementation, we are able to fully control sales, logistics, customer service process and invoicing - thus ensuring high quality of service for our customers. We are looking forward to a long and productive partnership.

- Tomas Šidlauskas, UAB „Biuro mašinos“

Deputy Director

By using Taleo, we are able to efficiently perform employee recruitment process, manage employee and customer databases, plan working hours and coordinate work among all the colleagues. The SPPA consultants promptly solves issues and helps to adapt the system based on our company needs.

- Eglė Klimavičienė, ANCOR LITHUANIA

Project Manager / Data Protection Specialist

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